The Biscuits Song


Biscuit Elements (The Biscuits Song)
by Crispin


There’s Mr B and Lady C, Defaerie and Dixonium
and Little-B and Auntie-C or Scissorkicks and bogeytron
Ready-Rafe, Jase-of-Bass, Matty Ttttttttttt, Wiebenson
Betty-Path, Captain bo, Bazweeeed, Richard Daborn

GPM and Zorseshoes; Morgan – there are three of them
And HellHell-Cool and Mr May, engfeh and a Bethan
And Giles and MsDemeanour, totus, Pip, Amanda Loudin

And Genre Fluid, Alice, 5’sAlive – it’s all just the one of them

(musical refrain)

There’s some that seem occasional like Melissa and Damian
And Will Jack Parker, Tony Hales and Huxley, just to name some
And Clemency and Sarah, James Connor and Chris Grantham
And Jamie Taylor, Tichspa, Rory, Chaz and Auntie Chapman

— (musical interlude) —

There’s definitely some doubling up that makes it hard to count them
Heleena, Iceblar and the dwobbit – that is just a fun one
And sloppybeaver69 and puzzled polar bear, oh come on
enzo-lewes, and flydanair, with Richspa and Wayne Johnson
And not forgetting Georgie, Crispin and mrs Dixonium
William-OLay, Tony Hales, Jason Paul among them
And now I’m running out of names it’s going-on, ad-nauseam …

….Lieutenant-Havoc, Nikki-Bikki-Bishop’s – two I haven’t done

(musical refrain)

There’s louis-winthorpe-iii, but actually really only one of them
Karalis, SmokeyStubbs, Evil-woot, Jomppa, Phoole and Jonathan
And ReadyRafe, Nik Farmer, minus Marr, there’s even Cameron,
Steve O-C, Kate Collins, Aardvark, Ross, Wolves and pesk(y) Anon

(musical refrain)

These are the only ones I’ve found… within our biscuit cupboard….
But I’m sure there may be others that I haven’t yet discovered….

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